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Emergency Electrician Liverpool



Our electricians are on their way to provide fast emergency electrical services in Liverpool, ensuring your home's safety.

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Please provide your address and describe your Liverpool electrical emergency. We're here to help!


Emergency Electrician Liverpool

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What Our Emergency Electrician Price Includes

Our pricing for electrical emergencies is designed to provide prompt and reliable service when you need it the most. We charge £80 per hour for labour, which covers the skill and expertise of our qualified electricians as they address your emergency with professionalism and urgency. Any parts or materials required to complete the job will be billed separately, ensuring transparency in pricing. Additionally, for emergency calls outside of regular business hours, including evenings, weekends, or holidays, we may apply an additional call-out fee to cover the costs associated with prioritizing and responding to urgent requests. We aim to provide efficient and effective solutions to your electrical emergencies while delivering exceptional value and peace of mind to our customers.

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We Solve 90% Of Emergency Electrical Calls In Liverpool Less Than 1 Hour From Arrival Time.

Don't let high costs stop you from calling an emergency electrician. We have the cheapest emergency electrician price in Liverpool. Our professional services are available at rates starting at just £80/hour*

*Price based on an emergency call from Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm

How Do You Find Out What's Tripping The Electric?

To identify the circuit tripping your RCD, follow these steps:

Locate the RCD

Locate the Residual Current Device (RCD) in your electrical panel. It is typically labelled as "RCD," "RCBO," or "Residual Current Circuit Breaker" and differs from regular circuit breakers.

Isolate Circuits 

Isolate the problem circuit by turning off all circuit breakers in the electrical panel except for the RCD.

Turn On Circuits One by One

To turn on the circuits safely, you should gradually switch on each circuit breaker one by one. As you do this, keep an eye on the RCD. When you switch on the circuit breaker that corresponds to the tripping circuit, the RCD will trip again.

Identify the Tripping Circuit 

After turning on a specific circuit breaker, if the RCD trips again, it indicates the circuit causing the problem.

Investigate the Circuit

1. Unplug all devices that are connected to the circuit that is tripping. This includes appliances, electronics, lamps, and other devices. Sometimes, a faulty device can cause the circuit to trip.

2. After unplugging everything, reset the circuit breaker or replace the blown fuse. Follow safety precautions when doing this.

3. Gradually plug each device simultaneously and monitor the circuit. If the circuit trips when a particular device is plugged in, that device may be faulty and needs to be repaired or replaced.

4. Check all outlets and switches on the circuit for any signs of damage, such as burn marks, loose wires, or unusual odours. If you find any issues, consult a qualified electrician to repair them.

5. It's important to evaluate whether you're overloading the circuit with too many devices. Overloading can lead to circuit tripping and even electrical fires. If you suspect overloading, redistribute the devices across multiple circuits to reduce the load.

Professional Assistance

If your RCD is still tripping even when all devices are disconnected, it's best to get help from a professional. Contact Ideal Electrical Solutions for fast and reliable emergency electrical services. We prioritize safety when working with electricity and have the experience and tools to diagnose and repair electrical issues. If you need clarification or assistance with troubleshooting or fixing electrical problems, book our services for a same-day visit or a video call.

How Would A Video Call Help?

Emergency Electrician Liverpool Video Calls


Video calls with an emergency electrician in Liverpool offer,

Remote Troubleshooting.

Visual assessment of the situation for accurate diagnosis.

Immediate Assistance

A rapid connection with an electrician in urgent situations, ensuring your electrical issues are addressed promptly and effectively.

Safety Guidance.

Real-time instructions for minimising risks, a crucial aspect of our service that prioritises your safety.

Visual Confirmation. 

Confirmation of details before arriving on-site.


Resolution of minor issues without on-site visits.


Efficient communication through visual representation. Overall, video calls offers quick resolution and improve customer service during emergencies.

Why Call Ideal Electrical Solutions For Electrical Emergency?

People should consider calling your emergency electrician services for several reasons:

24/7 Availability

Your emergency electrician services are available 24/7, ensuring that customers can get assistance whenever they encounter electrical emergencies, even during weekends or holidays.

Prompt Response

You prioritize quick response times, ensuring customers don't have to wait long for assistance during urgent situations such as power outages, electrical fires, or other hazardous conditions.

Expertise and Experience

Your team consists of skilled and experienced electricians trained to handle various electrical emergencies efficiently and safely. Customers can trust your professionals to diagnose and resolve issues effectively.


Safety is of utmost importance during electrical emergencies. Your electricians go above and beyond to prioritize safety protocols and procedures, providing a sense of security to both customers and properties while addressing urgent electrical issues.

Proper Equipment and Tools

Your emergency electrician services have the necessary tools and equipment to handle various electrical emergencies, enabling your team to work effectively and efficiently.

Customer Satisfaction

You prioritize customer satisfaction by providing courteous and professional service to every client. Your focus on delivering high-quality artistry and excellent customer care helps build customer trust and loyalty.

Peace of Mind

Customers can rest easy by reaching out to your emergency electrician services, knowing that their electrical emergencies will be promptly and effectively addressed. This minimizes downtime, damage, and inconvenience and provides a sense of relief, knowing they have a reliable service to turn to in times of crisis.

Overall, customers should consider calling your emergency electrician services for reliable, efficient, and professional assistance during electrical emergencies, ensuring the safety and integrity of their electrical systems.

Can We Fix The Electrical Problem Straight Away?

While your emergency electrician services strive to resolve electrical problems promptly and effectively, it's essential to acknowledge that the outcome may vary depending on the nature and complexity of the issue. Here are some factors to consider.

Diagnosis Accuracy

Your electricians will conduct thorough diagnostics to identify the root cause of the electrical problem. However, some issues may be more challenging to diagnose, especially if they involve hidden wiring issues or intermittent faults.

Availability of Parts

In some cases, resolving electrical problems may require replacement parts or components. If the necessary parts are not readily available, there may be delays in completing the repair.

The extent of Damage

The severity of the electrical problem and any associated damage can impact the time and effort required for repairs. Extensive damage may sometimes require additional repairs or replacements beyond the initial assessment.

Safety Considerations

Your electricians prioritize safety during all repair work. Suppose the protection of the property or occupants is compromised. In that case, they may need to take additional precautions or temporarily secure the area before proceeding with repairs.

Communication with Customers

Transparent communication is essential throughout the repair process. Your emergency electrician services should provide updates on the repair status, any challenges encountered, and proposed solutions to ensure customers are informed and involved in the decision-making process.

While your emergency electrician services aim to fix electrical problems promptly and efficiently, it's essential to manage expectations and communicate openly with customers about the potential outcomes and any factors that may affect the repair process. By prioritizing safety, expertise, and clear communication, you can work towards resolving electrical issues to the best of your ability and ensure customer satisfaction.

What Is The Worst Case Scenario For The Electrical Emergency?

In the worst-case scenario, an emergency electrician service may face challenges in resolving the electrical problem due to various factors. Here are some potential worst-case scenarios:

Safety Hazards

The electrical problem poses significant safety hazards, such as electrical fires, live wires, or electrocution risks. In such cases, the electrician may need to prioritize securing the area and ensuring the safety of occupants before proceeding with repairs, which could delay the resolution of the Issue.

The Issue's complexity

The electrical problem is complex and challenging to diagnose or repair. It may involve multiple underlying issues, hidden wiring problems, or damage to critical components. Despite the electrician's best efforts, resolving such complex problems may require more time, specialized expertise, and resources.

Unavailable Parts or Materials

If the repair requires specific replacement parts or materials that are not readily available, obtaining them may cause delays in completing the repair. This can prolong the downtime and inconvenience the customer, mainly if the electrical problem affects essential systems or appliances.

Unforeseen Complications

During the repair process, unexpected complications or additional issues may arise, further complicating the situation. For example, the electrician may discover additional damage or wiring problems that were not initially apparent, requiring additional time and resources.

Customer Dissatisfaction

Despite the electrician's efforts, the customer may be dissatisfied with the outcome of the repair. This could be due to factors such as prolonged downtime, communication issues, or unresolved issues with the electrical system. Managing customer expectations and addressing concerns promptly is essential to mitigate dissatisfaction.

While these worst-case scenarios highlight potential challenges that emergency electrician services may encounter, it's essential to approach each situation with professionalism, expertise, and a commitment to safety. By prioritizing clear communication, proactive problem-solving, and customer satisfaction. Electricians can navigate these challenges effectively and work towards resolving electrical problems to the best of their ability.

What Areas Our Emergency Electrician Covers In Liverpool

We proudly offer our emergency electrical services to customers across Liverpool and its surrounding areas. Our extensive service area covers the following locations

  • Liverpool City Centre

  • Anfield

  • Everton

  • Kirkdale

  • Toxteth

  • Dingle

  • Edge Hill

  • Kensington

  • Fairfield

  • Wavertree

  • Childwall

  • Allerton

  • Mossley Hill

  • Aigburth

  • Garston

  • Speke

  • Halewood

  • Gateacre

  • West Derby

  • Norris Green

  • Croxteth

  • Fazakerley

  • Walton

  • Bootle

  • Kirkby

  • Huyton

  • Prescot

  • Whiston

  • Rainhill

  • St Helens

  • Crosby

  • Formby

  • Southport

If you're located in or around Liverpool and require emergency electrical assistance, don't hesitate to contact us. Our team is ready to respond promptly to your needs and ensure the safety and functionality of your electrical systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What qualifies as an electrical emergency?

Electrical emergencies can include power outages, sparking outlets, electrical fires, and situations with a risk of electrocution or property damage. If you're unsure whether your situation constitutes an emergency, it's best to err on the side of caution and contact us for assistance.

2. Do you offer 24/7 emergency service?

We understand that electrical emergencies can occur anytime, day or night. That's why we offer 24/7 emergency electrical services in Liverpool and its surrounding areas. You can count on us to respond promptly to your call and urgently address your emergency.

3. How quickly can you respond to emergency calls?

Our average response time for emergency calls in Liverpool is [insert response time here]. However, this may vary depending on location and current demand. Rest assured, we prioritise quick response times to ensure your safety and minimise downtime.

4. What should I do if I experience No Power?

If you experience a power outage, first check if it affects your property or if there is a widespread outage in your area. If it's isolated to your property, check your circuit breaker panel or fuse box for tripped breakers or blown fuses. If you cannot restore power or suspect a more serious issue, contact us for assistance.

5. How do I know if I need emergency electrical assistance?

If you're experiencing any electrical issue that poses a safety risk or requires immediate attention, it's best to seek emergency electrical assistance. Signs of an electrical emergency include sparking outlets, burning smells, flickering lights, and persistent tripping of circuit breakers or RCDs (Residual Current Devices).

6. Are your electricians licensed and insured?

Our electricians are fully licensed, insured, and trained to handle various electrical emergencies. You can trust their expertise and professionalism to address your emergency safely and effectively.


7. What payment methods do you accept for emergency services?

We accept various payment methods for emergency services, including cash and bank transfers. We aim to make the payment process convenient for our customers during stressful situations.

8. How can I prevent electrical emergencies in the future?

To minimise the risk of electrical emergencies, we recommend scheduling regular electrical inspections, avoiding overloading circuits, using surge protectors, and promptly addressing any electrical issues or concerns. Our team can provide further advice and guidance on electrical safety practices during service visits.

24 Hour Emergency Electrician Liverpool

Rapid Response

Can Be at your place within 1 hour


If you need an emergency electrician in Liverpool, you can rely on Ideal Electrical Solutions to fix your electrical problems. Our team of skilled electricians is available 24/7, with at least 20 years of experience, ensuring they are fully qualified to handle any electrical emergency. We guarantee to complete 90% of electrical emergency repairs in under an hour.


Electrical faults can occur anytime and pose a significant safety risk. You should contact a trustworthy and competent emergency electrician in an electrical emergency. At Ideal Electrical Solutions, our team of reliable and qualified emergency electricians can help you with any electrical emergency at any time of the day or night. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we take pride in our work. We offer a guarantee on all our services and always strive to exceed our customers' expectations.


We understand the urgency of an electrical emergency and cater to emergency calls in Liverpool and other expansive areas. We offer competitive prices for emergency call-out electrician services in Liverpool and aim to provide a one-hour response to all immediate "electrician near me" calls today. Ideal Electrical Solutions is your go-to for a reliable, efficient, and trustworthy emergency electrician in Liverpool. Contact us now at 07399676656 and trust us to solve your electrical emergency quickly and efficiently.

Call Now For An Emergency Electrician Liverpool


£80 per Hour

Our Liverpool Emergency Electrical Services

We've Got You Covered!


Don't let an electrical emergency disrupt your life. Our team of friendly local emergency electricians is here to help you in any type of electrical issue. We'll keep you informed every step of the way and ensure your complete satisfaction. If you're experiencing any of these issues, get in touch with us now:


No power at the sockets

RCD keeps tripping without reason

Electrical burning smell investigation

Lights not working

Broken or damaged sockets

Electric shower problems

Fuse keeps blowing 

Short circuit investigation 

Water leaking from ceiling light 

Electrical fault finding 

Circuit breaker tripping fault investigation

Electric water heater fault finding

Cooker electric fault repair

Electrical wiring emergency

The power cut off inside the kitchen

There is no electricity at the appliances 

Faulty electrical installations 

Burning smell from the consumer unit

Electric shock from appliances 


If you're in need of a 24 hour emergency electrician in Liverpool, our experienced electricians are available to provide prompt and reliable assistance. We understand the importance of resolving your electrical issues quickly and efficiently so you can return to your routine. Contact us now for immediate assistance.

What Is An Emergency Electrician Liverpool?

Electrical Emergency Service In Liverpool


When it comes to electrical issues, an emergency is any situation that could put you at risk of electrocution, fire, or injury. Whether you're experiencing no power or faulty sockets or have concerns about the safety of your electrical system at home, it's essential to seek assistance from qualified professionals to ensure your safety. If you're in Liverpool, Ideal Electrical Solutions offers 24/7 emergency electrical services to help you in any electrical emergency.

Emergency Electrician Near Me

How Long For An Emergency Electrician In Liverpool?


If you are a resident of Liverpool and require an emergency electrician, our online booking system allows you to book a local 24 hour electricians in Liverpool immediately. Our experienced and NICEIC registered engineers can fix your electrical fault within 30 minutes to 1 hour of your booking. We are available seven days a week and offer competitive prices, ensuring that you receive prompt and reliable service, we can fix your electricians straight away.

Some Common Electrical Issues

Emergency Electricians Liverpool


In Liverpool, whether you live in a city centre apartment or any other location, you may encounter electrical emergencies requiring immediate attention. For instance, you may face a common issue like a shower circuit tripping or an outdoor socket with water ingress, causing the RCD to trip. Electrical faults can be unpredictable and may arise from various factors. In such situations, it is crucial to seek emergency electrical services. Fortunately, online booking options are often available for your convenience. To determine whether your situation is an electrical emergency in Liverpool, consider the following scenarios:

Lights Flickering When Plugging Something In?

If you notice your lights flickering when you plug something into an outlet, it could indicate an underlying electrical problem that requires immediate attention. On the other hand, if everything in your home goes off when you plug something into an outlet, it suggests a more significant electrical issue that needs urgent resolution.

Does The Power Go Off When Plugging Something In?

The power goes off when plugging something in, indicating a potentially serious electrical issue that requires immediate attention.

Does Power Go Off In One Room And Then Come Back On?

If you experience power outages in a specific room followed by restoration, it may indicate an electrical issue requiring investigation.

Power Going Off And On Throughout The House

If your entire house experiences frequent power interruptions, it indicates a severe electrical issue that requires immediate attention.

LED Lights Not Functioning Properly

If your LED lights are flickering or dimming irregularly, it could indicate an electrical issue that requires professional attention.

Previous Experience Of Power Cuts 

If you have experienced recurring or unexplained power cuts in your home, it suggests an underlying electrical issue you must correct promptly.

Faulty Sockets 

If you notice any sockets malfunctioning, sparking, or showing signs of damage, it's crucial to address the issue promptly to avoid electrical hazards.

Flickering Lights

If you notice that the lights in your home are constantly flickering, it may be a sign of an electrical issue that requires prompt inspection and resolution. 


It's important to recognise when a problem warrants an electrical emergency and seek professional assistance immediately. Electrical emergencies can present risks to both your safety and your property, so it's crucial to prioritise your well-being. Remember that these examples are general guidelines, and the severity of an electrical emergency may differ depending on the situation. If you encounter any of these situations or suspect an electrical emergency in Liverpool, it's crucial to prioritise your safety. Stay calm, avoid touching any electrical objects, and ensure a fire extinguisher is nearby while you wait for the emergency electrician. Contact emergency services first for immediate assistance if there's a fire or electrocution.

Your Go-To Liverpool Emergency Electrician

Expert Fault Finding In Liverpool


Are you in need of an emergency commercial electrician in Liverpool? Look no further. Our expert team offers fault finding, electrical repair, and maintenance services for domestic and commercial customers in Liverpool city centre and the surrounding areas. We are available seven days a week to provide complete electrical fault-finding and repair services. Our skilled electricians can identify and resolve most problems in a single visit. Don't hesitate to contact us if you require emergency electricians in Liverpool.​

What Causes The Power To Go Off?

We Will Fix Any Electrical Emergency.


Experiencing no power at home or a business can be costly, frustrating and dangerous. But you don't have to worry. We are here to help. We provide emergency electrical services to address any problems you may have. When a power outage occurs, it is essential to determine whether the issue is with your home's electrical system or the utility company's electrical supply. You can do this by diagnosing the cause and determining the extent and source of the issue. Our experts can guide you throughout the process and help you restore power quickly and safely.

Neighbours Don't Have Power. 


If the electrical power is out throughout your entire house or business and your neighbours appear to have lost power too, use a cell phone to call the utility company, it looks like there are power cuts.

Neighbours Do Have Power. 

If your neighbours have power and any part of your home's electrical system is functional, then the issue is with your home's electrical system. It is likely that you have an electrical fault. If you require prompt assistance from an electrician, please contact Ideal Electrical Solutions.

How To Check For An Overloaded Electrical Circuit


If you are encountering electrical problems at your residence or observe your neighbours experiencing power issues, it may be due to an overloaded circuit, a short circuit, or loose wiring. An overloaded circuit is typically the culprit when someone operates an electrical appliance that consumes a lot of electricity, such as a hairdryer, electric heater, or air conditioner.

Checking The Consumer Unit For Electrical Issues


If you suspect any electrical issues, the first step is to examine the consumer unit. The main role of circuit breakers is to immediately shut down an electrical circuit when too much current passes through the wires or if there's a system failure. If a circuit gets overloaded, the fuse should blow, turning off the whole circuit. Some circuits are protected, especially the outlets in the kitchen, bathroom or outdoors, which are more prone to shorts and overloads. If the circuit breaker should trip or the breaker tripped, it might also turn off all the other breakers connected to it. However, you can usually resolve the problem by pressing the reset button on the RCD.

Why Are My Lights Not Turning On?

Common Electrical Faults


If you are wondering why your ceiling lights are not working, don't assume that it's because you forgot to turn them on. There could be several reasons for this issue. To determine the root cause, you need to start with some basic electrical fault-finding techniques. Here are some common culprits that you should investigate:


The light bulb

The power supply

Electrical wiring faults

The switch

The light fixture


By checking these potential issues, you can find out what's going wrong and take the necessary steps to fix the problem.

The Light Bulb


If your ceiling lights are not working properly, the most common reason could be a defective light bulb. Light bulbs have a limited lifespan and can be easily replaced. Before calling an electrician, you should check that the light bulb:

-Has not fused or blown

-Is securely seated in the fitting.

Often, simply changing a faulty light bulb or securing it tightly in the fixture can resolve the issue of faulty ceiling lights.

The Power Supply


Ceiling lights not working can be due to an interrupted power supply. There are two main reasons why power supply may be interrupted:

-The issue might be with the leading utility power. If that's the case, the entire building, and possibly the neighbourhood, will be affected.

-The issue could be in your electrical consumer unit, and it's most likely a tripped circuit breaker.

Reasons A Circuit Breaker Will Trip


Circuit breakers play a vital role in protecting electrical circuits from faults. They are designed to interrupt the current flow when a fault is detected in the electrical system. There are various reasons why a circuit breaker may trip, including a faulty circuit breaker itself, faulty wiring in the electrical system, an overloaded electrical system, and a short circuit caused by a live conductor coming into contact with a neutral or earth conductor.

The Electrical Wiring Is Wrong


A proper installation of the electrical circuit is crucial for an uninterrupted power supply. Any wiring fault or loose wires can disrupt the circuit, leading to an interruption in the power supply to the intended source. Therefore, it is essential to ensure proper installation and wiring to avoid any inconvenience.

The Light Switch Is Broken


Light fixtures can come in various designs, but they all share a common feature - an electrical switch that operates them. The most commonly used types of switches are the integral switch, the pull chord, and. If the switch is faulty or incorrectly wired, the light fixtures won't receive the necessary power to function properly. the wall switch​

The Light Fixture Is Not Working


If a light fixture is not working, it may be due to faulty wiring or a broken bulb. An illuminated bulb relies on electricity, and if the pins connecting it to the fixture are bent, the connection can weaken over time. To troubleshoot, try removing the bulb and straightening the pins in the fixture. However, before touching the pins, always ensure that the circuit breaker is off to prevent any electrical shock.

Why Should An Electrician Inspect Faulty Ceiling Lights?

Emergency Electrician Near Me Now


It is important to hire a professional electrician to inspect faulty ceiling lights. If you need an emergency electrician near you, we offer 24/7 services. Electricity is a crucial part of our daily lives, but it can be dangerous if not handled correctly. Trying to fix electrical issues on your own without the necessary knowledge and expertise can lead to severe consequences like fire or electrocution. Here are the main reasons why you should hire an electrician to inspect faulty ceiling lights:


- Our electrician services include licensed and experienced professionals who are insured and trained to identify and repair electrical faults.

- Electricians are familiar with the latest electrical installation codes and legal requirements.

- They are equipped with the necessary clothing, tools, and safety equipment to safely conduct electrical inspections and work with electrical wiring.

Why Have All My Sockets Stopped Working?

Call Out The Electrician Near Me.


You may be wondering why your sockets stopped working. There could be several reasons for this. 

Overloaded Sockets Cause Fires.


Plugging too many devices into one extension cord can overload your socket, causing it to stop working and heat up significantly. 

Short Circuits


Over time, wear and tear can cause short circuits in the socket, resulting in failure. This erosion of wire insulation allows electricity to escape, which may be detected by a hissing sound or sparks coming from the socket.

Faulty Appliance


Sometimes, when a defective appliance is connected to a socket, it may seem like it is not working at all. However, in most cases, this causes the circuit breaker to trip. To fix this, you can unplug the defective appliance and reset the circuit breaker. This should allow electricity to flow through the socket again.

There May Be Loose Connections Or A Break In The Wire.


If your electrical socket is not working, check if the circuit breaker has tripped. If it hasn't, there may be a break in the wire or a loose connection that is preventing electricity from reaching the socket.

Why Are My Lights Working But Not My Sockets?

Electric Sockets Are Not Working, But The Lights Are


I am having a problem where my electric sockets are not working, but the lights are still on. What should I do in this situation? To fix this issue, you need to unplug all your appliances. Just turning them off is not enough. Once disconnected, try turning the circuit back on. If the circuit still won't stay on, there is likely a fault between the switch and the sockets. In that case, contacting an electrician for further assistance is best.

Why Did My Electric Oven Stop Working?


If you are facing any issues with your electric oven, it is essential to unplug it from the power source before inspecting it for any faults. Electric ranges require a 240-volt alternating current (AC) power source to function correctly. The oven will not turn on if the voltage is disrupted due to a tripped breaker or a blown fuse. To check if the power source receives enough electricity:

  1. Use a multimeter and set it to volts AC.

  2. Check if the reading is between 230 and 240 volts.

  3. If the reading is outside this range, move on to the next step.

The next step is to inspect the breaker and fuse box. Check if a breaker is tripped or a fuse is blown. If so, reset the breaker, replace the fuse, and try turning on the oven again. If the oven starts working, then the problem has been found.​

My Electric Shower Is Not Working.

Why Has My Electric Shower Stopped Working?


Are you tired of taking cold showers because your electric shower keeps malfunctioning? Look no further! Here are seven common reasons why your electric shower may malfunction and how you can fix them in Liverpool. Don't let a faulty electric shower ruin your day - take action and enjoy a hot, refreshing shower today!

No water?

No water coming out of the shower? It's possible that the solenoid valve is broken or there's a pipe blockage.

Sudden Changes In Water Temperature?

Are you experiencing sudden changes in water temperature? This could be due to the build-up of limescale, water pressure, or electrical faults. 


Is Your Electric Shower Leaking?

Is your electric shower leaking? This may be caused by too much water pressure. 

Are You Only Getting Lukewarm Water?

Are you only getting lukewarm water? The power may be failing to reach the shower's pull cord switch.

Is Hot Water Not Available?

Is hot water not available? This could be due to a malfunctioning thermal cut-out.

Does The Shower Switch Trip The Breaker Off?

Does the shower switch trip the breaker off? There may be a neutral-to-earth fault.

Can You Smell Something Burning?

Can you smell something burning? This may be due to a loose connection or a problem with the heating element.

Why Is There No Power Coming To My Boiler?

Do You Keep Getting Electrical Faults In Liverpool?


Are you experiencing no power to your boiler? The cause may be a blown fuse due to a power surge. You will need to replace the faulty fuse to restore power to the boiler. If you're frequently experiencing electrical faults in Liverpool, it's advisable to contact an emergency electrician for assistance. It's essential to address these issues as soon as possible to ensure your boiler's safety and proper functioning.

How Do You Know If A Boiler Fuse Is Working?

Have You Changed The Fuse?


To check if the boiler fuse is not working, locate the switch that controls the power supply to your boiler. This switch will likely be near the boiler or the airing cupboard where the hot water tank is. Check if the fuse is intact or if it needs to be changed.

How Do I Get My Smoke Alarm To Stop?

Faulty Smoke Alarm


If you are struggling to silence your smoke alarm, there are a few things you could try. If the alarm is faulty and beeping continuously, pressing and holding the reset button should stop the noise. If the alarm is beeping periodically every 45 seconds, replacing the batteries should fix the issue. However, if you have a hardwired smoke alarm, it might have backup batteries that need to be removed or replaced. In this case, turn off the power before removing the backup batteries.

Why Is My House Alarm Not Stopping?

Does It Need To Be Fixed?


It can be frustrating when your house alarm won't stop ringing. If you're wondering whether it needs to be fixed, here's what you can do to reset it via the control panel: 


1. Remove the cover. 

2. Take out the battery. 

3. Press and hold the tamper button. 

4. Insert the battery while holding the tamper button. 

The LED light will flash. Keep holding the button until it stops flashing. 

5. Replace the cover. 


By following these steps, you should be able to reset your house alarm and stop it from ringing.

How Do I Check For Electrical Problems In My House?

How To Find Electrical Faults


If you're experiencing issues with the electrical system in your house, you may be wondering how to detect and troubleshoot them. Some common warning signs of electrical problems include circuit breakers or fuses that frequently trip, lights that flicker or dim, buzzing or charred outlets and switches, an unexplained burning smell, and electrical shocks when using outlets and switches. However, there's no need to panic because we're here to help. Our emergency electrical services cover all of Liverpool, and we provide a guarantee for all of our work. Our office is in Liverpool city centre, and we are your go-to Liverpool emergency electrician. If your neighbours have power and any part of your home's electrical system is functional, the issue is with your home's electrical system. You likely have an electrical fault. If you require prompt assistance from an electrician, please get in touch with Ideal Electrical Solutions.

We Can Be With You In 1 Hour.

24-hour Electrical Emergency Liverpool


Are you looking for an emergency electrician in Liverpool? Look no further than Ideal Electrical Solutions Emergency Electricians! With our lightning-fast response time of only one hour, we guarantee to diagnose 100% of problems on-site, providing you with complete peace of mind. Plus, we offer upfront quotations for any additional work required, ensuring the repair process is as cost-effective as possible. Our emergency electrician in Liverpool costs only £80 per hour. The best part? We're available 24/7 to assist with any electrical emergency you may have, so don't hesitate to get in touch today. Remember, delaying the resolution of electrical issues can lead to potential risks to your home or business. Call us now, and we'll take care of everything, leaving you with one less thing to worry about!

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