24 hour Emergency Electrician 

in Liverpool

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Experiencing an electrical problem in your home can cause you a real headache. From not being able to access television or internet to triggering alarm systems, or a lack of lighting, an electrical emergency can be devastating if you don't get issues fixed quickly.   

At Ideal Electrical Solutions, we recognise that an electrical emergency in the home can be stressful, and we, therefore, strive to fix your issue as quickly as possible, while being clear and open about the work which we are carrying out, putting you totally at ease while fixing the problem. 

When should I call an emergency electrician?

We believe that what constitutes an emergency is completely your call! For example, a faulty oven socket can be an issue if you’ve got a dinner party planned, and a loss of just a single light fitting can be a disaster if it’s in an office space. There’s really no job too small. That said, there are some instances when we strongly advise that you do call out an emergency electrician as your electrics may have become dangerous. If you see smoke coming from a socket, or detect a burning smell, turn off your power supply and give us a call. A buzzing or humming sound coming from your consumer unit can also be a cause for concern, as it can indicate a wider issue that could be dangerous. In some cases, total power loss can also be dangerous, for example, if it affects your heating, or there is a vulnerable person in the house. Whatever your emergency, get in touch with us and we will be with you to quickly make your home safe.

Do you offer any guarantees of your electrical work?

Yes, we do. Any work carried out by us will come with appropriate certification. This will be given to you at the end of our visit.

How long will it take for my emergency electrician to get to me?

We are based in Liverpool and cover all surrounding areas. We are ready and waiting to come and attend to your emergency. In most cases, we can be with you within an hour.
When you contact us, we will let you know exactly when you can expect us to arrive and will keep you updated in the rare instance that there is any delay.

What happens if my emergency electrician is unable to resolve the issue there and then?

Our aim is to always fix an issue when you call us out. However, there can be circumstances where this is not possible, due to the need for new parts which aren't available in an emergency situation. If this is the case, we will first and foremost ensure that your home is safe, and provide you with advice as to how to keep you and your family comfortable until we can come back and resolve the problem. In the majority of cases, we can then return to fix your issue within 24 hours

Available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week



We clearly state how much costs will be and talk you through the safest, most cost-effective solutions.



We clearly state how much costs will be and talk you through the safest, most cost-effective solutions.



In an emergency, we can usually be with you within the hour to attend to the problem.


We are fully insured and trained to the highest standards.