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How it works

How Cooker's Works At Ideal.

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Do you need a cooker circuit ?

A cooker circuit is a separate electrical circuit that allows your cooker to draw enough power without taking any of that power away from any other electrical appliances.

If you take a look at your electrical circuit board in your home, you may see labels by the breakers like  lights upstairs,  sockets downstairs and immersion and so on.

If you already have a cooker circuit, you should see a label for “cooker”. This is an entirely separate electrical circuit that powers your cooker and nothing else.

As cookers draw a lot of power when in use if they are on the same circuit as other electrical appliances, they can blow a fuse or make that circuit unsafe. So, they must have a separate breaker.

So, if you are buying a hard-wired cooker a cooker that doesn’t have a UK plug, you must have a cooker circuit installed on your circuit board to ensure the cooker works safely.

How much is it for a new cooker circuit ?


Depending on how much work is needed to install a new cooker circuit in your kitchen, the cost could be more or less this is the average ball part figure.


it includes

32amp breaker.

up to 50m of 6mm twin and earth.

cooker or hob isolation.

cooker or hob outlet.

all cables chased or surface mounted.

everything cleaned up.

it does not include

cooker or hob

What about Hobs and Grills ?

Induction hobs are available in 13A and 32A.


13As usually come with a standard wall plug, but the reduced power means that you have to share that limited power across multiple rings if you use more than one or two. So while it would do, it is not the best.

So, can hob and oven go on the same circuit? If the hob is rated 32A, does that mean it would need the whole circuit to itself, leaving no capacity for the oven?

In theory, 32amps allows for 7.2 Kw direct before diversity is even applied. So if your

 oven is rated 3Kw 

hob is rated 3kw.

then these two can operate on the same circuit.

However here at Ideal electrical solutions, If we was installing electrics for a new kitchen, we would always advise put the oven and hob on separate circuits. This is because if you have a fault on one appliance then the other appliance can still be available.


 The hob circuit wants to occupy the 32amp breaker using the 6mm cable.

oven circuits can be independently run on a 20amp breaker using 2.5 mm cable.

Both circuits require isolation, before their respective outlets.

You may already have a hob installed, if you are looking to replace the hob make sure that, if it is not on it own independent circuit. That your new hob's power rating does not exceed the one you already have. 

Can you just swap my oven for me ?

If you have decided to go ahead with purchasing an induction hob or oven as a part of your kitchen renovation, it’s important that you pass the job onto a professional.


If you are upgrading an older home, you may have an old wiring system which requires updating to complete this task. Even in a more modern home, the wiring required to install these induction hobs can be complex.


For anyone other than a qualified electrician, this is a dangerous activity which should not be attempted.

Here at Ideal electrical solutions, our accredited team are all highly experienced and fully qualified. Over the years we have worked in hundreds of homes, we understand how each differs and take great care to provide each of our clients with a professional installation. We work around your needs and will minimise any potential disruption within your home, leaving a clean and tidy finish behind us.

How much is it to swap my cooker in liverpool ?


This includes

disconnection of old cooker or hob

up to 3m of 6mm Twin and earth

installation of new cooker or hob

It does not include 

removal of old cooker or hob.

We do cooker hoods too.

If you’re looking to install a new cooker hood or to replace an existing one, we have electricians available throughout Liverpool to do it for you. Whether it’s a carbon filter or external venting extractor unit, we’re here to help.

Available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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