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Media Walls Liverpool

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How it works

How Media Walls Work At Ideal.



Please request a free quote from our designers by sharing your details and ideas for a new media wall installation in Liverpool.




We'll send our media wall team to design and build the best media wall for your home on time and within budget.

Media wall Liverpool cost​

What Affects Media Walls Prices?


To understand the factors that affect the price of Liverpool media walls:

  1. Consider the size and design of the wall.

  2. The material used for the wall finish.

  3. The type of electric fireplace.

  4. The type and amount of lighting.

  5. The number of sockets needed.

We are here to help you create the perfect media wall for your home. Our comprehensive price package list includes a variety of designs, wall finishes, and fireplace options that can be modified or customised to suit your specific requirements. Below, we have provided an overview of the fundamental elements of the walls that our customers frequently inquire about so you can get a rough idea of the costs involved. Don't hesitate to contact us today to begin your installation journey!

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Media Wall Package 1

  • ​Construction of media wall up to 1.6m wide

  • TV and soundbar recess

  • 1300w Electric Landscape fire supplied and installed

  • Plastered Finish

£2775 inc. VAT

Optional Extras

  • Square display shelves

  • Down lights/Led Strip Lighting

  • Drawers

  • Venetian Plaster

  • Fire upgrade

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Media Wall Package 2

  • Construction of media wall up to 3m

  • Four downlit shelves 

  • TV and soundbar recess

  • 1300w Electric Landscape fire supplied and installed

  • Plastered Finish

£3600 inc. VAT

Optional Extras

  • Extra display shelves

  • Extra down lights

  • Extra Drawers

  • Venetian Plaster

  • Fire upgrade

Image 9.jpeg

Media Wall Package 3

  • Construction of media wall (up to 3.5m)

  • 6 downlit shelves

  • TV & soundbar recess

  • 1300w Electric Landscape fire supplied and installed

  • Fully plastered with a metallic finish

£4500 inc. VAT

Optional Extras

  • Extra downlights

  • Extra drawers

  • Venetian Plaster

  • Fire upgrade

Liverpool Media Walls With Acupanel

Add More Style To Your Media Wall

Are you looking for a creative way to enhance your Liverpool media wall installations? At Ideal Electrical Solutions, we've got you covered! We're committed to providing our customers with the highest quality materials available, and that's why we're excited to introduce you to Acupanel, the latest trend in media wall finishes. Acupanel is a game-changer, offering a vast range of colours, tones, and effects that give your media wall a unique and impressive finish while helping to absorb sound and reduce noise. These wall panels are made of sustainably sourced wood veneer. They are handcrafted to ensure easy installation and long-lasting durability. Slat walls have always been a classic decor element that can add texture, elegance, and style to any space. Now, with Acoustic wood panels, you can achieve even more options.


Available in a 240cm x 60cm size, the panels are designed to join seamlessly, allowing you to accomplish any length or width quickly. For optimal sound absorption, we recommend installing the panels with batons. Acupanel panels have been designed to have the edge exposed and coloured throughout, so the edge always looks like the rest of the panels. Alternatively, an end trim is also available in the accessories section. Upgrade your media wall in Liverpool with Acupanel and experience the ultimate functionality and style.

Image 11.jpeg

Acupanel Package 1

  • ​All work to chosen acupanel board finishes

  • Up to 1200mm of Acu Panel Slats

  • Up to 2400mm Backboard 

  • TV back panel and TV Bracket to suit TV size

  • Floating Unit with x4 push-fit cupboards up to 2400mm wide​

  • LED backlighting supply & fit​

£3500 inc. VAT

Image 12.jpeg

Acupanel Package 2

  • Up to 2400mm of Acupanel Slats​all done to your chosen finishes

  • Construction of chimney breast (upto 1.6m wide)

  • TV Recess & Sound Bar Recess if required, TV bracket Supply & fit​

  • Unit with x4 push fit cupboards up to 2400mm wide

  • LED backlighting on TV

£3499 inc. VAT

Image 10.jpeg

Acupanel Package 3

  • Up to 3 metres of 70mm slats (optional 50mm slats +£99) All work to chosen acupanel finishes

  • TV back panel and TV bracket to suit TV size​

  • Floating unit with 2 push-fit doors

  • Built-in 1300 landscape fire

  • LED lighting kit

  • Supply & fit

£4290 inc. VAT

Media Walls With Log Burners

Add County Character To Your Media Wall

Are you looking for a stylish and efficient heat source for your Liverpool media wall? Look no further than Ideal Electrical Solutions' range of electric log burners! Our collection of electric log fires is the perfect solution for creating a cosy and charming atmosphere in your home. Available in various sizes, finishes, and designs, these electric log burners can fit any media wall in Liverpool. 


At Ideal Electrical Solutions, we offer top-quality, versatile, easy-to-arrange electric log burners that only require a power supply. With multiple heat settings and different flame effects, our electric log burners are the perfect combination of functionality and style, providing an all-year-round cosy experience. 


So why wait? Check out our collection now and add a unique country character to your Liverpool media wall with a fireplace that requires no mess or maintenance. With Ideal Electrical Solutions, you can trust you're getting the best electric log fires on the market.

Image 14.jpeg

Log Burner Package 1

  • Construction of chimney breast (up to 1.6m wide)

  • Supply & Fit Advanced Electric Stove 

  • Tv Recess & TV Bracket

  • All electrical work

  • Oak mantle (up to 1.2m wide)

  • Plastered Finish

£2999 inc. VAT

Image 13.jpeg

Log Burner Package 2

  • Construction of media wall (upto 3.6m)

  • Including upto 6 downlit alcoves

  • Supply & Fit Advanced Electric Stove

  • Tv Recess & TV Bracket

  • All electrical work

  • Oak mantle (up to 1.2m wide)

  • Plastered Finish

£4290 inc. VAT

Media Walls With GLOWstone

Surfaces with a slim profile, such as GLOWstone, are an ideal material choice for a media wall, creating a sense of warmth and working in harmony with furniture and the overall décor while drawing the eye. While the thin profile of the material creates a seamless impression, the wide choice of styles makes it stand out from the crowd and makes the material an excellent alternative to painting or wallpaper.

The colour or pattern chosen should complement the design of the rest of the room, particularly when the layout is open-plan, so it is always visible. A bright and bold feature wall that stands out should also work in harmony with the rest of the room to ensure it is visually pleasing.

Opt for a stone-effect surface to bring nature indoors and create a sense of calm and tranquillity amongst the chaos of a busy family life. Or choose a bold marble-effect pattern to make a visual statement, perhaps with more muted tones elsewhere.

How Much Does A Media Wall Cost?

We are excited to announce our personalised media wall packages in Liverpool, tailored to suit your unique needs. Our prices are reasonable, with an average range of £2,700 to £4,700, including supply and installation. However, we do not believe in providing an average setup for our customers. Instead, we will work closely with you to create a customised and unique experience that meets your budget and exceeds your expectations. Why not let us design your media wall and eliminate the hassle?


How much does it cost to get a media wall in Liverpool? Determining the cost of a media wall in Liverpool can be challenging since it varies depending on the equipment specifications. However, rest assured that our team of experts is fully equipped to assist you in finding the best solution. We will assess your space and discuss your needs to provide you with a tailored and accurate quote.


At Ideal Electrical Solutions, we provide bespoke media wall designs that cater to your unique preferences. All our media walls are designed to create an awe-inspiring visual focal point for your TV, soundbar, and fireplace while offering ample storage space and brilliantly lit shelves. Rest assured that with our attention to detail, you'll get nothing short of the perfect media wall solution for your home.

We offer various options for wall finishes to suit your taste and style. You can choose from our premium range of skimmed plasterboards that can be painted in any colour, opt for the stunning and trendy decorative sound acoustic wooden slat finishes from Acupanel or we offer ultra-modern high gloss stone effect finishes from Californian GLOWstone for a more modern and chic look. You can mix and match these finishes to create a unique and personalised look that reflects your personality and taste.


Our range of modern LED lighting options is top-notch, covering everything from strips and spotlights to wall and accent lights. We take pride in designs that are stylish and luxurious and have the power to elevate your space and leave you visually impressed. Our designs come with different switching opportunities for the lights, allowing you to customise and adjust the lighting in your space to suit your preferences.

Our services include adding any of the most impressive electric fireplaces available today to your Liverpool media wall, including the trendy 3-sided fireplaces with endless interior design choices to elevate your living space's ambience. With our solutions, you can confidently expect an unrivalled entertainment space to take your home to the next level.


Contact us, your trusted local media wall experts, if you're serious about discovering the exact pricing and a detailed cost breakdown. Our team will confidently lead you through the process, ensuring you find the best media wall that meets your budget and exceeds your expectations.

What is a media wall?

Are media walls a good idea? Combining media walls with fireplaces is a more recent trend in home interior design. The idea is to create a space in your living room or lounge that houses all your media, creating a centrepiece that captures people's attention as they enter the room. A media wall is the wall where your TV is mounted. However, to get the best results, many people create bespoke stud wall frameworks to hide cables, incorporate storage spaces such as shelves, cupboards, and drawers, and even add appliances such as a media wall electric fire. This approach is an effective way of using your space to the fullest. It lets you combine a TV, fireplace, soundbar, shelving, and other features into a single installation.


What happens on a media wall install?

Best media walls in Liverpool

After enquiring, our in-house designers and technical specialists will create a custom wall design based on your preferences. They will hand-draw and finish plans using CAD software so you can easily visualise and get a feel for your project before it starts. To ensure everything goes according to plan, our surveyors will conduct a site survey to calculate all costs and better understand your project. This allows customers to make changes to their designs before the installation begins. For instance, one customer wanted to create a multimedia experience by incorporating a soundbar into their installation. They also required additional plug sockets for game consoles.

During the design stage, carefully planning your media wall is essential. Let's start by considering how much space you want to allocate for your media wall. While you can place it on any wall, choosing the most extensive wall of the room is recommended, especially if you are planning to install a larger fireplace.


This will provide enough space to add built-in shelves on either side of your TV, creating a symmetrical and appealing effect. At this stage, there are plenty of decisions to make, such as the room where the media wall will be installed, the size of the fireplace, and any additional features such as storage, shelving, or an insert for a soundbar.

Additionally, the customer wanted to use the media wall to showcase vases and sculptures. As a result, the design included six stylish and inset shelves for displaying the customer's ornaments. Do you need a soundbar with a media wall? Not all customers have or want a soundbar, so it is not essential; however, they are familiar. Where do you put a soundbar on a media wall? A separate cut-out can sometimes be created underneath the TV to accommodate a soundbar. However, in some instances, an appropriate amount of space was allocated within the TV cut-out to allow enough room for a soundbar. Customers' preferences are unique, and they can decide which option is best for their project.

How long does it take to fit a media wall? Depending on the size and complexity of the project, our media wall team will complete a general installation within 1-2 days. We take pride in our work and care about your property and surroundings. Therefore, our team will lay down dust sheets and cover any surrounding surfaces before installing the media wall. We value your satisfaction and offer aftercare support and servicing on all our fire installations. You can be confident that we will be here to help you every step of the way.



What is the cheapest way to build a media wall?

Cheap media walls in Liverpool 

The most common material with which to build a media wall is plasterboard. This can be easily fixed to the wooden frame, just as you would with a stud wall, plastered and then decorated in your style. This is a very affordable and quick way to build a sturdy media wall with smooth surfaces.

Do you need to plaster a media wall?

What is the best material for a media wall?

You don’t have to paint your media wall. Consider cladding with stone, tiles or wood to create a stunning feature wall.

What depth do you need for a media wall?

How To Build A Media Wall

Have you got limited space and a slimline, sleek finish? Media walls can take up a little space and be tailored to your requirements.

A media wall should typically have a depth of 20 to 24 inches. Because of the characteristics of a media wall, it must be deep enough to accommodate the various cables, wiring, entertainment system, and fireplace.



Does a media wall add value to a home?

Are media walls a good idea?

Media walls have become an excellent way for families to spend time together, watch TV, films and shows, and even listen to music. With the right design and audio/visual setup, this TV unit can provide hours of entertainment for everyone in the house.

A staple in modern abodes, media walls have continued to grow in popularity, with many homeowners looking for a suitable feature for their living rooms that can cater to both practicality and style.

As technology becomes more embedded in our homes and workspaces, we're seeing an uptick in demand for modern TV fireplace wall unit designs, and you can undoubtedly expect contemporary media walls to be a popular feature for a long time.

A media wall adds value to a home through the quality of the materials, longevity, unique design and convenient storage opportunities. When crafted by experts, the amount of care, time and effort put in makes media walls worthwhile. It can also make your home more desirable for future buyers.

Media Wall Packages Near Me

Are you looking for a media wall package in Liverpool? We offer complete design, supply, and installation services. Whether you want to include a fireplace in your media wall or are curious about the benefits of installing a media wall, we've got you covered. 


Our services include planning, building the frame, creating the wall, personalised design, comprehensive survey, expert installation, and offering gas, electric, and log burners. We also offer a wide range of Venetian Plaster Finishes, including Concrete, Liquid Metal, Metallic Textured Paints, Polished Plaster, and many more. 


At Ideal Electrical Solutions, we work closely with our clients to ensure minimal disruption and the highest service standards. Our media walls are the latest trend in interior design, providing a centrepiece that captures attention and is an excellent space for relaxing and entertaining in comfort. 


With our media walls, you can have all your media features and a stunning fire in one place while hiding unsightly cables and devices such as set-top boxes and consoles. We can fit media walls in almost every home and tailor our packages to your needs. We can build the exact media wall you want, from size and type of fire to adding mood lighting and spaces for consoles, soundbars, and more. 

Television size

The size of your television usually dictates the build and design around it, and we help you select a fire that suits the size while advising on the rest of the media wall's design.


Fire choice

Selecting the right fire is crucial for the overall look and feel, and our vast range offers different flame effects, controls, and one-, two-, or three-sided options. 

Wall design

Our team ensures you can house all the media devices you require alongside a stunning fireplace, such as soundbars and consoles, while hiding all leads to ensure a clean and stylish finish. You can even add mood lighting to create a genuinely bespoke media wall. 


More storage

We offer a wide range of fitted media units to sit on the floor or the wall and built-in corner TVs for tricky alcoves, all available in various colours and finishes. You’ll find the perfect bespoke TV cabinet to fit seamlessly into your home. 

In today's world, media walls have become an essential element for any home or sitting room that aims to capture the attention of guests or residents. Our expertly crafted storage solutions and built-in media units give your TV the perfect space to be seen while housing all the additional boxes and gadgets you’re likely to have. These walls serve as a platform to showcase or view digital content such as Netflix, Disney, and Football matches in a larger-than-life format that can make a lasting impression on viewers. 


Compliment your wall with a TV, soundbar, shelving or a fireplace for a media wall to complete the ultimate home styling look. The possibilities are endless. The beauty of a false chimney breast with an electric fireplace is that it requires no chimney or flue system and will save on your heating bills as they are very efficient and look very realistic, almost like a real fire. 


We offer a range of standard media wall packages, from Bronze to Gold, while also allowing you to design your wall to your specific needs. From luxury Venetian plaster finishes to electric fire installations, personalised storage, and detailed lighting, let us bring your ideas to life. 

Is the current setup not ideal?

If your current setup could be better, we can help. Whether your TV is at an angle from the sofa, cables are knotted and entirely on display, or all the associated TV boxes, consoles, and the like are sticking out like sore thumbs, we can fix it. Our team at Ideal Electrical Solutions can make a real difference.

Media Wall Installation Liverpool

Media Wall Installation Near Me

Transform your house into a dream home with the help of our exceptional media wall team in Liverpool. We guarantee to provide you with the highest-spec media wall design and construction services in Liverpool, all within your budget and delivered on time. Say goodbye to mediocre home entertainment and welcome the ultimate cinematic experience with our Liverpool media walls. Let us create a bespoke media wall that will exceed your expectations and unlock the true potential of your space. Our expert designers are ready to bring your vision to life, so please share your ideas with us to receive a no-obligation quote for media walls in Liverpool. 


Our media wall team stays up-to-date with the latest trends to ensure your Liverpool home entertainment system is functional, stylish, and of the highest spec. We can incorporate the newest fireplace designs and LED lighting trends into your media wall to create a stunning focal point in your living space. Relax at a cosy, unique fireplace while watching your favourite box set or football team on a state-of-the-art Liverpool media wall. Our designers will work with you to choose the perfect fireplace and LED lighting options that complement your media wall and fit your style. Contact us today to learn how we can bring your dream media wall to life in Liverpool.

What's The Budget? 

Creating a budget as soon as possible is crucial to managing your finances and finding products that align with your budget and needs. Depending on your circumstances, you may also need to consider other factors, such as your space limitations and specific requirements.

Where To Build Your Media Wall?

When creating a media wall at home, it's essential to consider the wall you want to use. It may require a purpose-built stud wall, which is an internal wall designed to house your electrical equipment and display it in a visually appealing way. In addition to the electrical items, you will also need to factor in the cost of plasterboard, electrical work, and skirting boards. These elements act as a frame to showcase your equipment, costing up to £80 per square meter. 


If the chosen wall is in a tricky place, it may require reinforcements or the creation of a false stud wall. False walls are constructed from scratch using wood or metal and plasterboard, adding extra cost to the project. Bringing together various tradespeople to install the false wall or reinforce an existing one and an electrician for any electrical work is necessary. 


To determine the number of plugs you'll need for your media wall, consider how many electrical devices you plan to connect. Depending on your preference, you can choose to have the plugs hidden or on display. We recommend leaving some extra space in the media wall to accommodate a bigger TV in the future, as people often upgrade their TVs over time.

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