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Whether your home has been renovated or refurbished, or you’ve had a loft conversion or extension, re-wiring will play an important part in modernising your home and making sure it has a good power supply, suitable for today's power hungry lifestyles.

At Ideal Electrical Solutions, we have been rewiring homes across Liverpool so you can be sure of a professional service by a team of highly skilled electricians.

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An array of rewiring services


We offer a complete range of rewiring solutions, no matter what the size or the age of your property. Including:

General household rewiring

Providing power to extensions

Additional power supplies


Distribution boards

Rewiring loft & garage conversions



We are specialists and have undertaken hundreds of rewiring projects on a wide range of homes.


We will work with you to plan out how to arrange your rewiring to make the most of your home electricals.


We offer fully transparent pricing structures and offer full scoping of work prior to commencement.


All of our rewiring work is fully guaranteed and comes with appropriate certifications.

How long does electrical wiring last in a house?

In theory electrical wiring can last up to 100 years or more.

But what really matters and will determine the life span of electrical wiring is the condition of the outer sheeting of the cable which usually lasts around 50 years.

Other factors like how well your house was built and what type of insulation and thermal protection it has also determine how long your wiring will last. As wiring in the shed which is usually not so well protected from moisture and other external factors will obviously combust faster and would require rewiring more often.

How do you ground an electrical system in a house?

In order to earth your electric system, first you need to make sure that your house is earthed.

For that you need to install a ground rod preferably in the location closest to your consumer unit. The rod can be installed at any distance from your house but should go 2.4 metres deep into the ground. After the rod is installed, a 16mm ground wire should be connected to the rod from one end and to an earth bar in your consumer unit and the other end.

From that point on, all the earth cables from each of your circuits must be connected to the same earth bar in your consumer unit.

In order to insure that everything is done correctly a professional electrician should test the connection and inspect each circuit.

Does old wiring use more electricity?

By itself old wiring has no direct influence on your electrical bills. However, old wiring can indirectly affect your power usage through defective or incorrect wiring; a damaged thermostat/appliances or underground wiring.

How do you tell if your house is grounded?

The best and only sure way to check if the house is grounded is to invite an inspector and conduct electrical test. As even if you have earth wires running from consumer unit, it doesn’t mean that they are continuous and are properly installed. So it is better to check them to be 100% sure.

However, assuming that everything is connected correctly you can tell if your electrical system is grounded if you see a yellow and green wire coming out of your consumer unit, as well as one being connected to your water and gas pipes.

A quality home electrical rewire by Ideal Electrical Solutions will ensure all twin and earth cabling is clipped to the joists underneath the floors and above the ceilings, we use the highest quality of pvc twin and earth cabling. We ensure all cables are capped and no joints are concealed underneath the floors or above the ceilings.

All our switches, sockets and light fittings are decorative and moulded backed up with a 10 year warranty from us. We ensure the materials we install in your home as part of the home electrical rewire are the best branded quality on the market.

We can also install home security during the rewire in the form of a fully wired intruder alarm system, our alarms text and telephone up to five people on activation and are fully programmable.

All our electrical home rewire quotations come with a comprehensive extras list so nothing is missed off the new home rewire when it is being conducted, our extras range from extra aerial points, data points, outside LED security lights, underfloor heating, down lights, garage power and lighting, external sockets, the works! you name it we can install it.