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Full House Rewire Liverpool & Partial Rewire Liverpool


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House Rewire Liverpool Prices

How Much Does It Cost To Rewire A House In Liverpool?


At Ideal Electrical Solutions, our goal is to become the best place for house rewires in Liverpool. We are confident that we can achieve this by delivering outstanding service and unbeatable prices. Our team of highly experienced local electricians in Liverpool can handle all house rewires, from standard specifications to luxury bespoke installations. 


We understand that a house rewire is a significant investment for anyone, whether it is a planned expense or an unexpected one. That's why we guarantee that choosing Ideal Electrical Solutions will provide you with excellent service and leave you feeling assured that you've made the right choice with a reliable team for your project.

As a customer, when considering a house rewire, there are several factors to consider. These include the cost, the damage it may cause to your home, the quality of work you can expect, and the disruption it may cause to your daily life. At Ideal Electrical Solutions, we can provide all the information you need regarding house rewires in Liverpool based on our extensive experience delivering such services.

Cost To Rewire A 2 Bed House Liverpool


The cost of rewiring a two-bedroom house starts at £3,000 for a standard specification. However, the price may vary depending on the size of your home. Detached houses typically require more work than terraced houses, which may result in minor price deviations.

What is a standard specification House Rewire On A 2 Bed House in Liverpool? For a standard two-bedroom house rewire in Liverpool, you can expect the following:


  • Installation of eight new circuits.

  • A new consumer unit.

  • New meter tails connecting the electric meter to the new consumer unit.

  • Upgrading the main, gas, and water earth bonding.

  • An electrical certificate for the rewire installation.


Everything You Need To Know About Rewires

What Are The Eight Circuits?

The downstairs lighting circuit

The downstairs lighting circuit consists of supplied and fitted standard pendant lights for the hallway, living room, and dining room. An IP-rated light for the kitchen lighting. An IP-rated light fitting for the bathroom lighting if the bathroom is downstairs.


The upstairs lighting circuit

The upstairs lighting circuit consists of supplied and fitted pendant light fittings for bedrooms 1 and 2 and landing lighting. An IP-rated light fitting for the bathroom if the bathroom is upstairs. Also, the landing light has a two-way switch that switches from upstairs to downstairs.


The kitchen socket ring main

The kitchen socket ring main consists of a grid switch controlling single sockets for the washing machine, fridge, oven and extractor fan, plus four double sockets above the worktop where you choose.


Downstairs sockets

Downstairs sockets consist of 1 double socket hallway, four double sockets for the living room and three double sockets for the dining room.


Upstairs sockets

Upstairs sockets consist of 3 double sockets in each bedroom and one double socket for the landing.


Cooker circuit 

The cooker circuit consisting of the counter worktop isolator controlling an outlet for the hob,

Boiler circuit

The boiler circuit consists of a fused spur supply for the boiler or water heater.


Smoke alarm circuit

The smoke alarm circuit consists of a smoke detector in the downstairs hallway, an upstairs landing, and a kitchen heat detector.

Additional Information

We install one extractor fan in the bathroom as part of our standard specifications. This fan consists of an isolator located outside the bathroom, and the fan itself is installed either in the bathroom ceiling or an external wall. 


Our standard specification also includes supplying and fitting all socket faces, fuse spurs, light switches, pendants, and IP-rated lights. These fixtures will have a high-quality white plastic finish.


What Is The Consumer Unit You Will Get?

The consumer unit is a metal-clad 10-way split load unit that will house eight circuits installed during the rewiring. Additionally, two spare ways are available for any future work you may require, such as installing a new electric shower circuit, an EV car charger, or a new burglar alarm.


What Are New Meter Tails?

Meter tails are the cables that connect your electric meter to the consumer unit. The latest regulations require these cables to be 25mm2. In most cases, during house rewiring, the existing meter tails are found to be unsuitable and require an upgrade. At our end, we install new meter tails even if the existing ones appear to be okay.

What's The Main Earth Bonding And Gas And Water Bonding?

The earthing arrangement for the incoming cable from the street in the UK can be a TNS, TNC-S, or TT system. However, the earthing conductor between this intake and the consumer unit should be at least 16mm2 and may require an upgrade. In addition, you should use 10mm2 earthing conductors, also known as bonding, between the consumer unit and 600mm of the gas meter and water isolation valve. Upgrading these conductors is often necessary and is a common practice.

What's An Electrical Certificate?

When a new electrical installation is installed, or any parts of an old installation are modified or extended, it must be tested to ensure it is safe to use. This process is called initial verification. You may be familiar with an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR), which is similar to an MOT for a car and will inform you of any problems but won't necessarily fix them. On the other hand, an Electrical Installation Certificate is issued when a new installation is complete.


What's Not Standard Specification?

Please find below a list of items that are not included in the standard specification house rewire:


- RCBO consumer unit 

- Shower circuit 

- LED spotlights 

- LED strip lights 

- Interior wall lights 

- Additional 2-way light switches 

- Outside lighting 

- Burglar alarms 


- EV car chargers 

- Outside sockets

- Additional extractor fans

- More sockets than allocated 

- USB sockets 

- supply decorative faceplates


Please note that the items listed above are not part of standard specification pricing, and costs must be added to the house rewire price separately if required.


We offer transparent and informative services, ensuring you understand what we provide. You may already have lighting fixtures, decorative sockets, and light switch plates in your home, or you may be planning to purchase them. In either case, we offer a free service to install or reconnect any standalone lights, sockets or switches in any room of your home. We proudly use only the highest quality products for all our installations, including switches, sockets, lights, and cables. We stand behind our work and guarantee it will be right first. This approach saves us time and money and ensures that our customers receive the best possible solutions for their house rewires in Liverpool.

Do You Have More Bedrooms?

Cost To Rewire A 3 Bed House Liverpool

The starting cost of rewiring a three-bedroom house is £3,500 for a standard specification. However, the final price may vary depending on the size of your home. Detached houses usually require more work than terraced or semi-detached houses, which may result in minor price variations. This price is an increase of £500 from our 2-bedroom house rewire price. Similarly, if you have a 4-bedroom house, the rewire price will start at £4000 for our standard specification.

Do You Have Less Bedrooms?

Cost To Rewire A 1 Bed Flat Liverpool

The cost of rewiring a one-bedroom flat with standard specifications starts at £2,500. However, the final price may vary depending on the size of your home. Please note that this price is £500 less than rewiring a two-bedroom house. 


In a one-bedroom flat, the standard specifications may differ slightly. We make sure to wire two lighting circuits to ensure you always have light available, even if one of the lighting circuits ever experiences a fault in the future. Additionally, you would still receive a kitchen ring main, a living/bedroom ring main, a cooker circuit, water heater circuit and smoke alarm circuit. However, there would be no separate upstairs and downstairs socket circuits. It's worth noting that flats or apartments typically have heating circuits for electrical panel heaters. Please note that the price of our rewire includes the rewiring and supply of the fused spurs for these heaters on a seperate panel heating circuit, but the cost of the panel heaters is not included in the rewiring cost. However, we can fit them during the rewiring process if you already have them or if you provide new ones as part of the pricing.


If your one-bedroom property is a studio, the cost of rewiring a one-bedroom studio with standard specifications starts at £2,700. We can even reduce the price further, depending on the number of sockets, lighting and heating outlets required.

House rewire Liverpool cost

Cheapest house rewire Liverpool

We offer affordable house rewire services in Liverpool without compromising on quality. Our team of electricians are all local to Liverpool. They are committed to providing the best possible service to all our customers. We strive to offer the best prices and high-quality products to ensure everyone is satisfied with our services. To give homeowners and landlords an idea of our pricing structure, we have listed the standard specification prices for different types of properties below.

1 bedroom studio 


1 bedroom apartment 


2 bedroom apartment


2 bedroom house


3 bedroom house 


4 bedroom house


Why Choose Ideal

Fast & free quote

We'll provide a super fast, no obligation quote for your full house rewiring. Completely free of charge.

Tried & trusted electricians

We've got a squad of niceic approved, experienced, vetted, qualified electricians who can rewire your house clean and fast. Just let us know what you need & we’ll get you booked in

Simple online booking

No long back and forth. No hassle with cash and no stress. Just an easy online booking experience

We’re here when you need us

Short notice or advance booking ?.  We’ll book you in at a time that suits you. And we’ll provide an arrival window so you won't need to wait all day

Dedicated support for trade jobs

Speak to our super responsive support team any time you need a hand. We're available 7 days a week

Kitchen Rewire Liverpool

What's The Cost Of Rewiring A Kitchen In Liverpool?

Regarding electrical sockets, the kitchen demands more than any other room in the house due to its various appliances. However, this doesn't necessarily mean you need a complete home rewiring to upgrade your kitchen. There are ways to tackle kitchen rewiring projects that can be cost-effective and efficient.


We will install a new ring main from your consumer unit to rewire your kitchen to ensure a safe and efficient electrical system. If your current kitchen sockets are part of another socket circuit that covers other sockets, there's no need to worry. We will disconnect these kitchen sockets from the circuit before starting work on the new kitchen sockets, ensuring a seamless transition with minimal disruption.


Our kitchen rewiring services aim to provide you with the utmost convenience and safety. Our kitchen rewires include the installation of a grid switch that covers the oven socket, washing machine socket, fridge socket, and cooker extraction fan socket. We also supply and install four double sockets above the counter, making it easy for you to power all your kitchen gadgets. Furthermore, suppose you wish to relocate your cooker. In that case, our electricians will extend the 6mm cooker circuit to ensure your hob works perfectly in its new location.


Let us know where you want your new kitchen sockets, appliances and oven to be located, and we'll begin with the kitchen wiring. The cost to rewire a kitchen in Liverpool usually averages between £1,400 and £2,000.

Frequently Asked Questions ?


How Do I Know I Need A Rewire? 

If you're uncertain whether your home requires rewiring and is over 25 years old, several indicators indicate that your electrical installation may be ageing.


Fabric or rubber casings on cable sheaths as opposed to uPVC, 

A consumer unit with pull-out fuses, 

Sockets located on skirting boards, 

Old toggle-type light switches, 

Red and black coloured cables, 

General ageing or fraying of wires, 

Lack of electrical outlets,

Consistent electrical problems 


These signs may indicate that your home requires a rewire to comply with building regulations. The best approach to take if you are unsure is ask a qualified electrician to inspect your electrics thoroughly and recommend any necessary work.


An EICR from Ideal Electrical Solutions costs around £120 for homes and £80 for small apartments. At the same time, rewiring estimates are provided free of charge.

What Happens On A House Rewire?

Rewiring your house doesn't have to be lengthy. It can also create a custom electrical system that meets your needs. Despite being costly and disruptive, the result is worth it.


Electricians will need to lift the flooring upstairs during the rewiring process to access cable routes. We will chase your walls carefully to allow cables to run into the wall and electrical outlets like sockets and switches with minimal damage as a priority. Access holes may also need to be made between floors. Although some dust may be created from work in certain parts of the house, we always take measures to control it as much as possible. You can continue to live in the property with just a few adjustments. We typically ask that items like beds, couches, and cabinets be moved to the middle of the room to allow the electricians to access floorboards around the room. Your regular use of existing electrics will still be available but minimized, and there may be some noise from drilling and chasing at certain times of the day. 


After the rewiring process, your home's electrical system will be tailored to your preferences, with sockets exactly where you want them and as many as you need. You can finally have the type of lighting you've been wanting in all the right places around your house and switches in the perfect places just for you. Your new kitchen layout will provide you with the kitchen you've always desired, with sockets in all the right places. And finally, you won't have to worry about electrical issues anymore!



How Long Does It Take To Rewire A House?

Based on our experience, a complete rewire usually takes 2-5 days, depending on the property size. After conducting an initial survey, we will provide you with an estimated timescale for the rewire and work with you to address any limitations or preferences you may have.

How Long Does A House Rewire Last?

How long does a house rewire last? The average lifespan of a quality electrical installation is around 25 years. However, over time, the resistance of cables can break down, causing what electricians call a "Zs" number to become too high. Each circuit has a Zs limit determined by its amperage and fuse type. Various electrical cables are available to combat this deterioration, but the cable typically used for household rewires, called Twin and Earth, has a lifespan of around 20-40 years. If the Zs becomes too high, we can lower the amperage of the circuit. Still, this may not be possible if the circuit is already at its lower limit for its intended use. In this case, we can reduce the length of the circuit by chopping it in half. However, this may not be a practical solution for a house as it would mean having only half the number of lights or sockets. In such cases, rewiring the circuit would be necessary.

Do I Need To Rewire My House To Sell It?

"Do I need to rewire my house to sell it?" Generally, a complete rewiring is only necessary if the entire electrical system is outdated or some parts are damaged. However, you can confirm this confidently with the help of a qualified electrician who can provide you with an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) certificate before you sell your home. This report is necessary to determine any electrical issues on your property that can significantly affect the negotiations for the asking price. So, getting an EICR certificate is wise to ensure your electrical system is safe and up-to-date before putting your house on the market.

Can You Rewire A House In Stages?

Rewiring a house in stages is common, and we are confident in delivering this service to you. 


The first stage, known as the First Fix, typically takes 1-3 days, depending on the size of your property. During this stage, we run all necessary cables for switches, sockets, and lighting to the correct locations. We then chase all the back boxes and cable channels into the plaster and brickwork, leaving your property ready for the next stage. 


Moving on to the second stage, or the Second Fix, we install all the sockets, switch faceplates, and lighting fixtures. We also install the consumer unit (fuse board), power up all circuits, and certify the installation, making it ready for handover to our customers. This stage typically takes slightly less time than the first fix, with an average of 1-2 days, and is booked once the property is ready. Rest assured that our team of professionals has the skills and experience to complete each stage of the rewiring process, with customer satisfaction as our number one priority.

Can You Rewire An Occupied House?

Rewiring an occupied house can be challenging, but with our well-managed and strategic approach, we can make it a seamless and hassle-free experience for our customers. Our goal is to minimize disruption to our customers and their homes, and we achieve this by rewiring as much of the property as possible, even while our customers continue to live in it. We understand that some customers prefer to stay with family and friends during work. Still, we assure you that our team is highly experienced and qualified to work around occupied spaces without compromising safety. We can complete the job within five working days without plasterers needing to come in between the first and second fix. Our focus is on delivering high-quality workmanship, and we take care of all the labour-intensive tasks, such as tidying down and reinstating power, so our customers can relax and enjoy their homes during the evenings.

What Is Smart Home Wiring?

We highly recommend installing neutral wires at the light switch to ensure smart lighting switches and other smart devices work easily with your home's electrical system. This wiring configuration is common practice in newer homes. It can be easily added during a rewire by a qualified electrician. If you have an older home, it is essential to consider rewiring it to accommodate the electrical needs of modern smart devices.

How Are Your Electricians Vetted?

Rest assured that all of our electricians are thoroughly vetted to ensure they are qualified, experienced, and capable of delivering exceptional service. Check our Google reviews and feedback from previous bookings to see the high standards of 5-star quality that we maintain. You can trust us to provide reliable and trustworthy electricians for your needs.

Are Your Electricians Fully Insured?

Absolutely! All of our electricians are fully insured with £5,000,000 public liability insurance. Our commitment to providing exceptional customer service means that you can have peace of mind knowing that our responsive support team are always available to assist you with any issues that may arise during your booking.

Do You Have Electricians Available Near Me?

When you fill out our online form, you can rest assured that we'll connect you with a highly skilled and reliable electrician in your local area. All our electricians are local Liverpool electricians and our thorough matching process ensures that you'll be paired with a trusted professional who's based near you. So go ahead and submit your request with confidence!

Do You Have Any Same Day Electricians?

We have electricians available at short notice or for advance booking. Once you’ve confirmed you’d like to go ahead, we’ll book you in at a time that works for you.

How Can I Trust The Quote I'm Given?

We’ll provide a detailed quote before we confirm you are booked. We’ll include any parts, labour, VAT, parking charges, travel fees or other costs. If it's required, you can also request that we quote for waste disposal at the same time.

If any unforeseen or follow up work is required, we’ll contact you immediately to make sure you’re happy to go ahead. You're in full control.

What Electrical Work Is Notifiable?

Notifiable electrical work includes new installations, full house re-wires, and the installation of new circuits. Notifiable work also includes additions to existing circuits in special locations.

How To Get Your House Rewired For Free UK?

Unfortunately we do not know anywhere where you can go to get your house re wired for free. However local councils and places like citizens advice usually have programs in place for elderly and vulnerable people to help with home improvements.

Earth Bonding Gas Meter Regulations 2024

The regulations regarding earth bonding for gas meters in 2024 are clear. As per BS 7671 18th edition, the resistance of the length of earth cable needed to connect your consumer unit to within 600mm of the consumer side of your gas meter must be <= 0.05 ohms. Based on my extensive experience with cable resistance values, if the distance between your consumer unit and the 600mm point is over 25m, you must use a 16mm earth cable for gas bonding. Conversely, if the run is less than 25m, a 10mm earth cable will be sufficient.

Which Rewiring Jobs Can I Book An Electrician For?

Our Liverpool electricians are highly experienced and equipped to handle domestic or commercial rewiring jobs with utmost efficiency and proficiency. Whether it's removing old or unsafe wiring, adding more sockets and lighting, installing extractor fans, electric cookers, showers or heating, rewiring your kitchen or outhouse, upgrading meter tails, main earth bonding, gas and water bonding or installing a new consumer unit, our electricians have got you covered. Complete our online form with your requirements, and our trade team will promptly provide you with a quote. You can rest assured that your rewiring job will be completed to the highest standards and with a level of confidence that only our expert electricians can deliver.


Okay, What Is 3-phase Power?

Most electrical appliances used in homes and businesses run with alternating current, which means the voltage supplied is pulsating, unlike the constant output of a battery. Alternating current is the most common type of electricity used in homes and businesses. It can be supplied as single-phase or three-phase power, depending on the required voltage characteristics. While single-phase power is usually adequate for small loads, more significant buildings and facilities require a three-phase system to provide three separate currents. This type of system is commonly used in commercial and industrial settings, as well as more significant domestic properties such as large HMOs. It is important to note that even single-phase systems for individual homes are typically derived from a more extensive three-phase system.

How Much To Install 3 Phase Power UK?

The extent of electrical rewiring modifications required to deliver three-phase power depends on the configuration of your property.

Single Phase vs 3-Phase

In the UK, typical houses have a main fuse of 60A, 80A, or 100A, with a corresponding maximum load of 14kW, 18.5kW, or 23kW, depending on age and location. However, it's important to note that this isn't an absolute maximum. Due to diversity, you can take quite a lot more than this for a few seconds. Most UK homes have a single-phase power supply that can power a 7.4kW EV charger, but nothing more, as the rest of the capacity is needed for the household. If you want an 11kW charger for your EV, upgrading to a 3-phase power supply is necessary, which requires electrical installation modifications. It's worth noting that some people opt to install commercial equipment in their homes, such as saunas and steam rooms, which require a 3-phase electrical supply.


Can You Go From Single Phase To 3-Phase?

Yes! Any competent qualified electrician can upgrade your property to three-phase, although electricians are not allowed to change the supply. This must be done by the distribution network operator (DNO).

What you get with Ideal

Local Liverpool Electricians For All Rewiring Jobs


Our experienced electricians can help with any electrical rewiring jobs, all types of work carried out including:

rewiring plug sockets

adding more lights

Removing all old or unsafe wiring

Partial house re wiring 

Full house re wiring

Outdoor re wiring

underfloor heating fitters

Installing a new consumer unit/fuse box

Electrical safety certificate

Booking House Rewires With IDEAL


Finding a good electrician in Liverpool to rewire your home can be tricky. Although recommendations from friends or family may sometimes work, most of us have to go through the tedious task of searching the internet and browsing poorly designed websites to find a reputable company. 


Unfortunately, some companies charge for a quote, which could cost you both time and money, with no assurance of quality service. This is why we created Ideal - to provide a hassle-free experience of booking trusted local professionals. 


Suppose you need a Liverpool electrician registered in England who can provide testing services. In that case, we can offer you a fast, no-obligation quote for your job. Fill out our online form, and our dedicated trade team will send you a quote for free. 


If you decide to proceed with the booking, we will schedule the job at a convenient time and then email you to confirm it, no lengthy back-and-forth, no expensive quotes, and no stress. 


But how can you ensure the electrical work will be completed to a 5* standard? It's a valid question. Choosing the wrong electrician can result in a delayed schedule, hidden costs, and, worst case, half-finished electrical work, leaving you out of pocket with nowhere to turn. 


Our qualified electricians are vetted and have extensive experience working with electrics throughout the home. They can replace any old or unsafe wiring from your home with new wiring. 


We'll provide you with a detailed quote before you commit to the work, including VAT, parking, and travel. You can also request that waste disposal be included if required. If any further work is needed, we'll ensure you're happy to proceed before billing you. So you're always in control. 


Need help with your booking? Our responsive support team is available at 07399676656 to guide you through the process from quote to completion. You can reach us by phone, chat, or email seven days a week. We only need a little information from you for a standard specification. Still, it helps us quickly identify anything that would be excluded from our standard quote.

Our Competitor Price Match

Below is a list of some of our most popular competitors for electrician prices in Liverpool.

If you would like to compare our prices with these Liverpool electrical companies, we guarantee to do a price match and will not be beaten on price whilst ensuring high quality you can find these by typing in on a google search.

james foy



arc electrical


Speak With An Electrician Today

Available 7 Days A Week



We are specialists and have undertaken hundreds of rewiring projects on a wide range of homes.


We will work with you to plan out how to arrange your rewiring to make the most of your home electricals.


We offer fully transparent pricing structures and offer full scoping of work prior to commencement.


All of our rewiring work is fully guaranteed and comes with appropriate certifications.

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