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Burglar Alarms Liverpool
Burglar Alarm Installation Liverpool 

How it works

How Burglar Alarms Liverpool Work At Ideal.



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What Is An Ajax Alarm System?

The Best Burglar Alarm System Available In Liverpool


The Ajax Alarm System is Europe's top-rated award-winning wireless security system for domestic and commercial properties. It comprises motion detectors, door and window sensors, cameras that connect easily to a central control panel, and a mobile app that lets you supervise your security system from anywhere. Using cutting-edge technology, Ajax provides reliable protection against potential threats. It is the best choice for customers who want a practical, sleek, and easy-to-install system that doesn't damage their property with unnecessary alarm cables. At Ideal Electrical Solutions, we highly recommend Ajax as the top wireless burglar alarm system.

Benefits Of An Ajax Burglar Alarm

Smart Burglar Alarms Liverpool

The Ajax alarm system is an advanced, reliable solution for safeguarding your home or business. It's highly customisable and can differentiate between people and animals. Plus, when activated, it takes high-resolution photos that are sent to your smartphone via the Ajax app. The aesthetically pleasing system offers top-quality protection for your family and property.

The Cost To Have An Ajax Burglar Alarm Installed

How Much Is it?

Ajax Wireless Starter Kit

What’s Included:

1x Ajax Hub Plus Control Panel - Dual GSM, WiFi & Ethernet 

2x Ajax MotionProtect Pet Tolerant Wireless PIR

1x Ajax DoorProtect Wireless Door Contact 

1x Ajax Keypad Wireless Arming Station

1x Ajax StreetSiren Wireless Outdoor Sounder

1x Ajax HomeSiren Wireless Internal Sounder

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Supply And Fit


Ajax Alarm System Features

The Ajax security system has a number of unique features including:

  • Motion detectors: using infrared technology, they identify temperature variations in the home and detect possible intruders.​

  • Window and door sensors: that sound an alarm if there are signs of a break-in.

  • Remote management via a smartphone app: that enables homeowners to manage their security system from any location in the world. You can arm and disable the system via the app, see live camera feeds, and get notifications if the system notices any unusual behavior.

  • Two-way communication feature: that enables you to get in touch with anyone in the home if the alarm is triggered. If you have family or pets at home, this can be extremely helpful.

  • Photo verification features: that let you keep an eye on your house using high-definition cameras. The cameras provide pictures of what is happening in your house and can be accessed through a smartphone app.

  • Battery backup: The Ajax security system comes with a backup battery that will keep the system functioning for up to 12 hours in the case of a power cut.

  • Tamper detection: if a burglar tries to take down or harm the system, the central hub will notice it and sound an alarm.

  • Support for muliple users: this allows you to give access to friends or family members if you need to temporarily let someone enter your home.

  • Integration with Smart Homes: Ajax works with many smart home appliances, including Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa allowing you to use voice commands with your security system.

Protect your property and family with a home alarm system

burglar alarms near me


According to both Merseyside Police and a Which? A survey of ex-burglars revealed that having a well-fitted and well-maintained burglar alarm system reduces the chances of becoming a victim of burglary. Therefore, purchasing one is a valuable investment. The best alarm system for your home depends on various factors, such as your personal preferences, budget, location, type of home, and the level of protection and response required.


Take your time with your security. Make your home safe by choosing from the best quality house alarm systems in Liverpool.


At Ideal Electrical Solutions, we have skilled burglar alarm fitters in Liverpool who can ensure that your most valued possessions are secure by installing one of our reliable and cost-effective home alarm systems. 


Each property has unique security requirements. With our 25 years of experience, we take a personalized approach, providing honest advice on the best home alarm system for you, not the most expensive one.


Ideal Electrical Solutions offers comprehensive burglar alarm installation services in Liverpool, covering the entire area, including the City Centre.


For a free quote, please get in touch with our team today. Our burglar alarm system is reliable and proven to deter crime, and we offer affordable, state-of-the-art solutions.

Are Wired or Wireless Home Security Systems Better?


A traditional wired alarm system connects security devices such as sensors and cameras to a central control panel via wires. These devices use the wiring of your landline telephone system to communicate. On the other hand, wireless alarms use radio frequencies to link your devices, eliminating the need for wires. Intelligent WiFi alarm systems like Ajax utilize your home WiFi to connect your devices, allowing you to control everything through an app on your smartphone. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to which system is better, as wired security systems offer more reliable signals. In contrast, wireless systems provide a more streamlined installation and can be used in places where wired systems cannot.

Whats the difference between Wireless alarms and Wired alarms ?

Wifi Burglar Alarms Liverpool

Reliable alarm systems, whether they be wired or wireless, are designed to detect the presence of intruders and can be a visible and practical deterrent to break ins and burglaries. Sophisticated and user-friendly systems are available for installation by Ideal Electrical Solutions and are an affirmative measure to protecting your home, premises and possessions.

How much does it cost?

Wireless alarms, wireless PIRs, door contacts etc, are more expensive to buy than wired versions. However they are also much easier to install which reduces the installation time and overall cost.

Hard wired alarm panels and devices are typically cheaper to buy compared to wireless, but there's also the additional cost of the cable, cable clips, trunking etc. Wired systems are usually more expensive in a domestic property due to the complexities and time involved routing and hiding the alarm cables.

How long does it take to install?

Wireless alarms - Based on a 4 bed detached house – approx 5 hours

Hard wired alarm - Based on a 4 bed detached house – approx 2 days

What are the running costs?

Batteries in wireless devices (PIRs, Door contacts, keypads, sirens etc) need replacing approximately every 2 years and the main control panel requires a back-up battery change approximately once every 5 years, therefore you will incur slightly higher running costs with wireless.

Since the devices in a hard wired alarm system do not run on batteries there's no battery replacement cost. However the back-up battery in main control panel and the external siren battery will require changing approximately every 5 years, just like wireless.

Which system looks the best?

Wireless systems are cleaner and less disruptive to install so typically look a neater job once finished. However the actual aesthetics of the system will look very similar to the hard wired.

Since hard wired systems require cables connecting the main control hub to each device, there may be unsightly trunking and/or cables clipped around door frames and skirting boards.

Which system is less likely to false alarm?

Back in the 90's wireless intruder alarms used to false alarm more than hard wired. Technology has moved on a long way since. Opt for one which operates on the 868MHz frequency band, rather than 433MHz, as it's a quieter frequency for alarm systems. Spiders and insects crawling over the PIR lens can also cause false alarms but this is not related to the type of alarm system.

Hard wired alarms are very reliable. Although most false alarms are caused by mains failures where back-up batteries in the main control panel have not been replaced and no longer hold enough charge to temporarily power the system during a power cut. Like insects crawling across the lens of a PIR, this can happen on both systems. Another good reason for a maintained contract.

Which is more secure?

Lots of people used to be concerned by the potential to jam RF signals, however since wireless systems now conform to BS EN 50131, they have to have in-built anti-jamming detection, eliminating this concern. Also, like hard wired systems, todays wireless intruder alarm systems have anti-masking technology to ensure motion detectors are not intentionally obstructed.

If a cable is cut, accidentally damaged or even gnawed through by mice in the loft, the system should alert you via the tamper circuit if installed correctly. However, this will require an alarm engineer liverpool to visit to repair the alarm before the system is usable again, unless you're able to programmatically omit the damaged zones, potentially leaving areas of the property insecure.

Are they both pet friendly?

Yes, a wireless alarm system can be installed with pet friendly motion sensors.

Yes, a hard wired system can be installed with pet friendly motion sensors.

Can I temporarily remove the devices?

Need to remove the motion detector to wallpaper or take off the door contact to paint a door frame? No problem with a wireless system. A tamper warning should alert you when you do this but entering your master code will silence any internal sirens. Once the decorating is done, simply fix the device back in place.

We do not recommend removing hard wired alarm sensors as things can often go wrong. You could easily reconnect a wire into the wrong terminal when re-fitting the device, disabling this zone from the system, or worse shorting the 12v pair blowing an auxiliary fuse in the main alarm control panel (Bad times. Do not touch!).

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