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PAT Testing Liverpool


How it works

How PAT Testing Works At Ideal.



Let us know how many items you need PAT tested, and provide your information so we can send you a free quote.






Your local electrician is booked in and will carry out PAT testing in Liverpool on your items on the day you requested and provide the certificate on the same day.


We Come To You And You Have Up To 15 Items


Drop-Off Service And You Have Less Than 10 Items


Per Extra Item With Discounts For Over 100 Items

Liverpool Pat Testing Cost

PAT Testing Service

Up to 15 Items 

We Visit You

Price: £80

Up To 10 Items

You Visit Us

Price: £40​

Extra Items

If You Need More Items PAT Testing

Price:  £2 Per Item,

             £1 100+ Items

How much does a Liverpool PAT test cost? Our minimum call-out fee for jobs is £80, which includes the first 15 items.

If you have more Items, PAT testing costs per item start from £2 each for additional items, discounted to £1 when you have over 100 items.


If you compare our prices with other PAT testing companies in Liverpool, you'll see that we offer the cheapest PAT testing in Liverpool.


For further information on where to get an item PAT tested in Liverpool and portable appliance testing cost, you can book online or call our team.

Pat Testing Near Me

Do You Have Less Than Ten Items?

Where can you get an item pat tested in Liverpool? You can use our drop-in service based in Kirkby and Liverpool city centre if you have at most ten items. We charge a one-time fee of £40.00 for up to 10 items and an additional £2.00 per item beyond 10. This service is ideal for those who need a small number of items tested. To book an appointment, please call our team at 07399676656.

What Does The Price Include?

The PAT tester in Liverpool visits your place to perform PAT testing. The procedure includes maintaining an asset register, a register for faulty equipment, pass/fail labels, and a report with certificates.


What Is PAT Testing?

PAT Testing, also known as Portable Appliance Testing, is a critical process that involves testing all portable electrical appliances within a workplace. It's important to note that most electrical appliances require a formal visual inspection and testing every 12 months. However, the testing frequency may vary depending on how frequently the appliances are used. With PAT Testing, you can rest assured that your electrical appliances are safe and secure for use in your workplace.

What Will Fail A PAT Test?

It is not possible to fail a PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) test as such. During the inspection, if any electrical equipment fails the test, it will be labelled and 'quarantined' so nobody can use it. There are various reasons why electrical equipment may fail the PAT test.


  • a non-functioning equipment, 

  • a damaged or cracked casing, 

  • exposed parts, 

  • an incorrect fuse, 

  • a damaged or worn cable or plug, 

  • or if it does not pass the Earth resistance, polarity, or insulation resistance tests. 

  • Additionally, if the equipment has been recalled or is counterfeit, it will fail the test. 


In case of certain situations, the engineer can repair the electrical equipment. For example, if the equipment has an incorrect fuse, it can be replaced with the right one, retested, and checked if it passes. We will let you know if any electrical equipment fails the inspection. You can then replace the equipment or arrange for someone to repair it.

Does PAT Testing Affect Insurance?

Insurance companies expect businesses to comply with all necessary HSE guidelines for insurance coverage. Suppose an appliance has caused damage and has yet to be PAT tested in the last 12 months. In that case, the insurance company may reduce, delay, or even deny payment on the claim.

How Long Does PAT Testing Take?

Our electricians can normally PAT Test between 150-200 items a day. We typically allow a few hours for a small office or premises. For a single Item, the process is around 2-5 minutes. The duration of a single PAT test is usually around 2-5 minutes. However, the total timeframe for PAT testing depends on the size of the premises and the number of appliances that need to be tested.

How Often Do You Need To Do PAT Testing?

The frequency of inspection and testing for a PAT test depends on the type of equipment and the environment in which it is. For example, equipment used on a construction site should be tested by an electrician more frequently every three months than in a hotel bedroom. For guidance on suggested frequencies of inspection and testing, you can refer to the document "Maintaining portable and transportable electrical equipment". It's worth noting that the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 require that any electrical equipment that can cause injury be in a safe condition. However, the regulations guide what ensures safety, by whom or how frequently. The rules do not make inspection or testing of electrical appliances a legal requirement, nor do they make it a legal requirement to undertake this annually.

Is PAT Testing A Legal Requirement?

While PAT testing is not mandatory by law, it is essential to note that most insurance companies require businesses to perform PAT testing regularly. Insurance companies will likely void policies if a business fails to carry out PAT testing, which can result in financial loss. Employers should, therefore, ensure that they comply with their legal obligations to maintain electrical equipment, including PAT testing, to avoid any potential financial risks. The HSE guides how to maintain equipment, including PAT testing, which can be a valuable resource for employers.

Can PAT Testing Be Done Outside Of Hours?

Pat Testing Liverpool City Centre

PAT Testing is a process of testing electrical appliances to ensure their safety. Businesses must prioritise the safety of their employees and customers. However, conducting PAT Testing during business hours may disrupt some companies. To avoid this, we provide our PAT Testing service 24/7, including weekends and holidays. Our team is available to provide quality service outside of office hours, which is the best solution for large offices and premises. With our out-of-hours service, you can have peace of mind that your business operations won't be interrupted, and we can turn critical equipment off without causing any downtime. We understand that many workplaces in Liverpool City Centre need help to afford downtime, and some work is more convenient when regular operating hours are over. That's why our PAT Testing service is available at any time of the day or night, seven days a week. Our out-of-hours service ensures that your business stays safe and compliant without any impact on your regular working hours. Our team is always ready to deliver quality service conveniently, ensuring your business can continue operating seamlessly.

Why Do Offices Need PAT Testing?

Workplace PAT Testing

If you're looking for workplace PAT testing services in Liverpool, Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) inspects and tests all electrical appliances that can be moved or carried within a workplace. Most electrical appliances in an office require a formal visual test and inspection every 12 months. However, the testing frequency may vary depending on the usage of the appliances. For instance, laptops require more frequent testing than desktop computers. PAT Testing is essential to Health and Safety compliance in any workplace. Ensuring that employees and visitors are safe from electrical harm is paramount. If you're in Liverpool and looking for a reliable PAT testing service, research and choose a trustworthy provider.

Is PAT Testing A Legal Requirement For Landlords In 2024?

No specific national legal requirement obliges you to arrange portable appliance testing, and you don’t need to provide a record for your renters. Suppose your property is an HMO or subject to selective licensing regulations. In that case, it is worth checking with your local authority to confirm if there are any specific requirements related to portable appliance testing as a condition of your property licence. 

Currently, the only electrical safety document that landlords have to provide to their tenants is a valid EICR certificate. As mentioned earlier, this safety inspection is distinct from portable appliance testing (though many providers will offer discounted PAT inspections if instructed to attend your property to complete an EICR). 

However, you are legally obligated to ensure that all electrical appliances provided with your rental property are safe. If your renters suffer injury or damage to property because of unsafe electrical equipment supplied with the property, you could be held criminally negligent and penalised accordingly.


Why Do Landlords Need PAT Testing?

Landlords must perform a visual test and inspection of the electrical appliances provided to tenants. This procedure must be every 12 months, although the frequency may vary according to usage. Landlords must keep a record of the inspection as part of the tenancy agreement. The record should include details of who conducted the checks and the inspection date. This process applies to various items such as fridges, freezers, televisions, lamps, and office equipment for commercial properties.


Can Any Electrician Do PAT Testing?

The person responsible for testing work must possess the competence to carry out the task. While a competent staff member with sufficient training and knowledge can perform visual inspections in low-risk environments, a higher level of expertise and experience is required when conducting inspection and testing. In such cases, the individual should be equipped with


  • the appropriate testing equipment, 

  • possess the ability to operate it effectively, 

  • have a thorough understanding of the test results to ensure accurate and reliable outcomes.

Can I Do A PAT Test Myself?

Yes, your business can carry out its own PAT tests if the person doing the testing is competent. If you decide to do your own PAT testing, we recommend taking a PAT testing course, as it's essential to perform the PAT tests correctly.

What Is The Average Charge For PAT Testing?​

The average cost for PAT testing is around £1-£3 per item. However, you may be able to get discounts if you have a significantly large number of items that need to be tested. Some companies may choose to charge an hourly rate, which could be around £60-£80

What Happens Once The Testing Is Complete?

You will be emailed a certificate and a detailed report of each item upon completion. The certification proves that the person responsible has taken the steps necessary to ensure safety. The detailed report will highlight the pass or failure of each item.

Why Choose Ideal Electrical Solutions?

Electrical PAT Testing Liverpool

At Ideal Electrical Solutions, we believe in providing you with the best PAT Testing service in Liverpool. We don't believe in the lowest price approach as it might compromise the quality of our service. 


We are confident in offering a fair and honest price based on the number of items you have for testing. Our quotes are transparent and have no hidden charges. 


We value your time and money and do not require a site visit before providing a written quote. We will ensure that the quote reflects the number of items you have for testing and the time it will take us to complete the testing. 


Our engineers are well-trained and equipped with the best-calibrated PAT Testing equipment to ensure accurate and efficient testing of all your portable electrical appliances. We guarantee they will leave your premises only after ensuring all your equipment is safe and meets your duty of care. 


We are confident in our ability to provide you with the most reliable service in Liverpool. Our engineers will liaise with whoever is onsite if there are any issues or if an item fails the PAT Test. 


Once we receive full payment, we will send you a test report detailing all the tested items and your certificate. Don't compromise your safety. Choose us for the best PAT Testing service in Liverpool. Contact us today at 07399676656.


What To Expect From Your Liverpool PAT Tester

Our team provides a simple, cheap Liverpool PAT Testing service from start to finish. You can get an instant quote by calling or emailing one of our friendly staff. Once you are satisfied with the quote, we will arrange a time and date that works for you. Our locations are in Liverpool City Centre and Kirkby, and they are easy to find. On the day of testing, our engineers will be waiting for you at our premises at the scheduled time. Our engineers can usually PAT Test in Liverpool between 15-20 items in approximately 30 minutes. Each item will undergo a thorough test and will be identified with a test sticker indicating whether it has passed or failed. After completion, you will receive an email containing a certificate and a detailed report of each item. The certification proves that the person responsible has taken the necessary steps to ensure safety, while the detailed report will highlight the pass or failure of each item. Get your PAT Testing in Liverpool today.

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