Electrical Certificates

in Liverpool

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When it comes to any electrical appliances in your property, it is vital that they are tested to make sure that they are working correctly and safely. At Ideal Electrical Solutions, we can visit your property and test any electrical appliance and provide certification of safety for any appliance that passes the test. 


Periodic Inspection Report in Liverpool

A Periodic Inspection Report is the electrical testing of the wiring of your property. It is performed in order to identify any faults in the wiring that could cause an overload, electrical shocks or a fire hazard. It can also identify any defective DIY electrical work. A Periodic Inspection Report, also known as a “Landlord’s Report”, must always be performed before new tenants move into a property - whether through purchase or rent - as this is a government requirement for any landlords or homeowners.

Domestic and Electrical Inspection Certificates in Liverpool

Whether you need a Domestic Inspection Certificate or an Electrical Inspection Certificate depends on a couple of things, but essentially they are similar in that they are both certifications of the safety of any new electrical installations. A Domestic Inspection Certificate can only be applied to a domestic property and as such must be completed by domestic or approved contractors. On the other hand, an Electrical Inspection Certificate can be accredited to either a domestic or commercial property. This can only be completed by an approved contractor. 

PAT Testing in Liverpool

PAT testing is important for any electrical appliance that you may have in your business. Predominantly used on items such as laptops and their charger or lamps and other plug-in appliances, PAT testing can check whether there are any issues or faults with the instrument. 

For more information on the electrical testing services that we can offer, give Ideal Electrical Solutions a call on 07399 676656 or send us a message through our contact page. Covering all of Liverpool, we can meet and exceed all of your electrical needs!

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