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Burglar Alarms 
Liverpool City Centre And Surrounding Areas

Protect your property and family with a home alarm system

Don't leave your security to chance. Ensure your home is safe with a burglar alarm system.

We all want to feel safe and secure in our homes. At Ideal electrical solutions Liverpool, we can ensure what matters most to you is safe with the installation of one of our reliable and affordable home alarm systems.


Each property will have different security requirements to ensure complete protection. Using our 15 years of experience, we will provide you with honest advice on what home alarm is best for you not what is most expensive.


At Ideal Electrical Solutions, we work across the whole of Liverpool in areas such as Liverpool City Centre all the way to Kirkby.


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Reliable home alarm systems

Proven deterrent to crime

Affordable and state-of-the-art solutions

Infinite Prime Wireless Alarm System

The Infinite Prime is a top-of-the-range home security management system. Quick to install, this system is an effective intruder alarm, versatile and user friendly. Smoke detectors and household appliances can also be linked up and the system can be operated via smartphone. Unlike other 'wireless' systems which do, in fact, use cables to the sounders, Infinite Prime only requires a power cable to the control panel. Other features include:

  • Long battery life 

  • Safe methods of transmission 

  • Excellent design 

  • Back up batteries 

  • Voice control 

  • Text alerts 

Honeywell Wired Alarms

Honeywell manufacture high-specification wired domestic intruder alarms and offer a range of products for homeowners with pets. Honeywell products can even be armed when pets are at home. Additional PIRs (Passive Infa-red Sensors) can be added to the systems to develop the exact alarm system to suit the layout of your home or premises. Ideal Electrical Solutions can perform a free survey and offer expert recommendations for the installation of a choice of Honeywell wired alarms.

Whats the difference between Wireless alarms and Wired alarms ?

Reliable alarm systems, whether they be wired or wireless, are designed to detect the presence of intruders and can be a visible and practical deterrent to break ins and burglaries. Sophisticated and user-friendly systems are available for installation by Ideal Electrical Solutions and are an affirmative measure to protecting your home, premises and possessions.

How much is it for a burglar alarm in Liverpool ?

Installation rates start at less than £300 but contact our office to arrange a full FREE survey and to discuss the options available to you. We can install alarm systems in domestic and commercial properties at a highly competitive rate. 

CCTV in Liverpool

CCTV Installation Experts In Liverpool

Ideal Electrical Solutions offer a wide range of home CCTV security systems in Liverpool designed specifically for your needs and remains one of our most popular options for home security. Not only is it a great deterrent against theft and burglary, many home owners are using to it gather evidence against anti-social behaviour.  On request we can include audio recording to your system. To create a safer environment for you, your family and your home, we strongly recommend a digital home CCTV system.

We cover:

  • The installation of high profile CCTV system and signage provides a great deterrent against burglary and trespassers to your home reducing crime significantly

  • Continuous recording, a standalone CCTV system records continuously allowing you to look back in time if an incident occurs.  If the unfortunate happens and an incident occurs, a security camera system provides acceptable evidence in the prosecution by the police and in the support of insurance claims.

  • Night vision through Infrared technology the system records day and night

  • View your images 24/7. We can install the CCTV system to be viewed on your ipad, Smart phone, laptop or PC giving you peace of mind when you are away from home you can access it anywhere at anytime

  • 12 months warranty. Peace of mind with all our installations with a 12 month parts and labour warranty

  • Specifically Designed. We provide a free non obligation site survey of your home to understand your needs and concerns, with our wide range of CCTV systems available we will tailor make your system to your requirements and ensure all vulnerable areas of your home are protected

  • Tailored Solutions. We install the majority of homes with Turret cameras but we can also install PTZ (pan, tilt & zoom) cameras, Covert cameras, Bullet cameras, Parking solution systems and 24 full colour systems.  The quality of images can also be upgraded depending on your requirements and trip wire notifications can be set up to alert you when someone enters your premises

  • CCTV Monitoring. Your CCTV system will be connected to a remote monitoring station via the internet. Your premises can be watched 24/7 or at specific times and in the event of an activation the monitoring station react immediately.  This is a pro active solution, to stopping an incident before it happens

Regardless of your circumstances, we can design, supply and install your own CCTV security system to suit the requirements of you and your home.

Securing any Liverpool property

Temporary sites are always requiring a high level of security but each site will vary in its security requirements and needs. You can rest assured that our highly dedicated and experienced team will expertly plan your individual CCTV installation thoroughly for you. We understand that you need to keep your Liverpool property safe and we provide site security services that do just that!

Industry-leading security protection

As one of Liverpool city's leading security companies, we are continually investing and researching in the most peer-reviewed, reliable and quality-guaranteed CCTV systems and products on the market. We ensure that the CCTV installation services we provide to you are professionally undertaken and utilise only the highest quality materials and security systems to keep your property secure and safe.

Fully accredited CCTV suppliers and installers

Every single aspect of our work is fully guaranteed by the most trusted health and safety and quality management monitoring bodies in Europe and the UK, ensuring that every single CCTV system we install provides you with the best possible protection at all times. Our specialist, dedicated and experienced team provides owners of commercial and industrial properties across Liverpool with the CCTV installation and site security services they need to ensure that their properties are secure and safe at all times.

Budget Domestic CCTV Options

The Ring Floodlight Cam is a motion activated security camera, with built in floodlights, two way audio communication system so you can see, hear and speak to anyone on your property from anywhere in the world, with the added security alert of a siren alarm.

This security camera has crystal clear 1080 HD resolution with a 140 degree field of view, but with motion activated sensors that cover an impressive 270 degrees allowing you to cover blind spots and around corners from day to night. The camera has facial and object detection, smart zoom and panning systems to ensure that when you are alerted to an visitor to your premises you can easily identify them.

The floodlights on the camera are ultra-bright and can be either motion-activated or manually triggered through the Ring App, right from your phone. And for those more persistent visitors you can manually trigger a terrifyingly loud 110dB siren to scare them off.

CCTV is now considered to be crucial in both crime prevention and detection. The installation of a CCTV security system is now increasingly incorporated in home security, anti-theft surveillance and vandalism surveillance. With the help of a home security camera system, homeowners are now equipped with the ultimate burglar deterrent that is both visible and effective.

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